Windows Into Wonderland
Four photos - close up of a bison's snowy face, a lone bison, a wolf, and a snowy landscape.
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Where the Bison Roam

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Assuming Rosie lived until the next day!

Bison have thick hides and sharp horns and are the largest land mammals in North America. They are also agile and quick, despite their bulk. However, Rosie was still young and hadn’t reached her full size. Because the snow was falling hard and fast, we were afraid she would migrate into an area where she wouldn’t be able to find food. Also, she was alone. Having the benefit of older animals to show her where to forage, help her defend against predators, and teach her when to move about the landscape would have reduced the risk of a fatal mistake.

As it was, none of us wanted to take bets on Rosie’s chances for survival. There were too many unanswered questions. Would a young bison be able to avoid predators? Would she be strong enough to navigate on her own? Would she be able to find food? And, most importantly, did she know about the park’s thermal areas?

predator—an animal that survives by killing and eating other animals

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