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Photo of a river in a snowy landscape; a bison rests in the snow.
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Where the Bison Roam

Act 1,  Scene 3,  Page 17 of 47

This is all very interesting, but we were talking about Rosie.

When we arrived in Hayden Valley, it was hard to find even a blade of grass poking through the snow. However, Rosie had made her way to the area around Mud Volcano.

The hot springs and geyser basins are considered critical winter survival habitat for the park’s central bison herd. If there are long periods when it doesn’t snow, the snow-free areas around hydrothermal areas expand in size, only to shrink again rapidly when the new storms arrive. The amount of energy a bison must spend to find food around the thermal areas may change on a daily or weekly basis—it all depends on the weather. It was just Rosie’s luck that she arrived at Mud Volcano after a major snow storm. The snow-free zone had shrunk to a very small size—and it had already been grazed. In my opinion, Rosie’s future was looking grim.

Inspector (touched)
Oh, how dreadful! So Rosie starved to death?

habitat—the environment in which life forms live and grow

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