Windows Into Wonderland
Three photos of bison foraging for food under the snow.
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Where the Bison Roam

Act 1,  Scene 3,  Page 18 of 47

No, food was still present under all that snow, but now Rosie needed to spend more energy to find each bite. She began thrashing her head through the snow and was able to clear enough ground to forage. You see, a bison’s massive hump supports strong muscles that allow the animal to use its head as a snowplow. I didn’t know if Rosie was strong enough to continue this way once the winter snows really began to accumulate though—especially if the air temperature warmed enough to melt some of the snow and then refroze to form a layer of ice.

A bison’s life is one of “risk management.” Which would give Rosie a better chance for survival—staying put in Hayden Valley and competing for limited forage with older and stronger bison, or a solitary migration across rugged mountain country, in search of better winter range near the Firehole River?

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