Windows Into Wonderland
Photos of flies, killdeer and a coyote.
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Where the Bison Roam

Act 1,  Scene 4,  Page 28 of 47

Unique food chains exist around the geysers and hot springs, Inspector. In the summer, the larvae of tiny ephydrid flies graze on plant-like microscopic organisms in algal mats. In turn, certain birds, such as killdeer, graze on the flies, and, of course, coyotes and other predators, feed on the birds.

Anyway, on a cold, winter day, Therma and I were watching another food drama occur. Ravens were attempting to retrieve the vole’s carcass and becoming more frustrated by the minute. The birds kept trying to approach on foot, but the water was much too hot! We quit watching them before they gave up, because we received an unexpected and troubling message from Bill. He had picked up Rosie’s signal again coming from Pocket Basin. However, this signal was different—it indicated inactivity!

Inspector (dramatically)
But what does that mean?

larvae—newly hatched insects that are still without wings
carcass—the dead body of an animal

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