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Photo of the Bear Tooth Mountains as seen from Lamar Valley and a old photo of a dead elk in the snow.
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Where the Bison Roam

Act 1,  Scene 4,  Page 31 of 47

Inspector (excitedly)
Hydrogen sulfide! That’s the gas that smells like rotten eggs—I smelled it this morning. It must be all around us by now! We must leave this place now!

Inspector Klulas, please calm down. A human can easily detect the smell of this particular gas at very low levels, which means a person can escape well before the gas reaches a dangerous level. Also, the wind usually dilutes and spreads gases in Yellowstone. The incident I’m describing was very unusual.

Inspector (a bit calmer)
Has it happened before to animals?

In 1889, a similar occurrence took place in northern Yellowstone near the Upper Lamar River. Several dead animals, including elk, bear, and small mammals, were found by geologist Walter Weed. Another incident occurred ten years later.

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