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An adult bison fends off wolves; a wolf feeds on a carcass.
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Where the Bison Roam

Act 1,  Scene 4,  Page 38 of 47

Inspector (sniffling)
And why is that, Dr. Wallough?

First of all, predators, such as wolves and coyotes, are smart enough to know that many prey animals are attracted to thermal areas for food and warmth. It makes hunting a little easier if you already know where to find your prey.

Also, these areas are often natural traps. You see, bison and elk can only run so far before they reach the end of the thermal area. Then, suddenly, they find themselves confronted with deep snow or downed timber, a river, or other obstacle. Which way do they turn? If they run out into the deep snow, chances are good they will not be able to move very fast for very long. If they hesitate, the predator gains on them. If the prey makes the wrong choice, the chase is over.

It makes perfect sense for a predator to try to even the odds as much as possible.

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