Windows Into Wonderland
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Where the Bison Roam

Act 1,  Scene 4,  Page 44 of 47

The dead bison wasn’t Rosie! It positively, absolutely, certainly, and beyond a shadow of a doubt, was not our Rosie! Where do you think she is now? Do you think she is still alive?

Bill (chuckling at the inspector's excitement)
I suspect Rosie will rejoin a herd. She will continue to seek out the thermal areas for the advantages they provide and will soon migrate with other bison back across the Central Plateau to Hayden Valley. There she will grow fat and healthy throughout the summer and, perhaps, in another year or two, she’ll have a calf of her own. I hope we find her again one of these days.

Inspector (contentedly)
Well, then, all’s well that ends well! Rosie is safe.

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