Windows into Wonderland

Yellowstone National Park Electronic Field Trip Production Staff

  • Sally Plumb, writer/producer
  • Craig Johnson, Flash/web author
  • Janet Ambrose, editor
  • Tom Cawley, audio/video editor
  • Cheryl Jaworowski, reviewer
  • Danielle Nicholas, reviewer
  • Trudy Patton
  • Jim Peaco, photographer
  • Glenn Plumb, reviewer
  • Cate Splane
  • Rick Wallen, reviewer

Yellowstone ParKids Students and Adults—Yellowstone Park School

  • Sidney Ashley
  • Gabriella Gilbert
  • Sarina Huston
  • Peter Morey
  • Edgar Newman
  • Annie Patton

Photography and Graphics

  • Spatial data on terrain, vegetation, geothermals, and snowpack provided by F. Watson, R. Garrott, P.J. White, S. Alexander , et al. acknowledging support from Yellowstone Center for Resources, NASA (NCC13-03009 & NCC2-1186, Watson), National Science Foundation, (DEB 0074444 & DEB-0413570, Garrott), California State University Monterey Bay, Montana State University, Bozeman, Charles Johnson, Thermal Biology Institute, MSU. Page 41 photo of Thermus aquaticus from Agriculture and Agri-Food Canada, Food Research and Development Centre (copyright notice).

Graphic Art

  • Craig Johnson
  • Earthtalk Studios

Peak Recording and Sound Studios

  • Deb Stober, casting director and assistant producer
  • Gil Stober, engineer and producer

Cast of Characters

  • Tonya Andrews—Fleur Sedgewick
  • Kathleen Hoberecht—Dr. Therma Lee
  • John Hosking—Dr. William Wallough
  • David Mills-Low—Dr. Harry McAiry
  • Rhonda Smith—Inspector Klulas
  • Tom Cawley—Guide, audio-only version

Special Thanks

  • Dr. Robert Garrott, Montana State University, for presenting to the Yellowstone ParKids.
  • Charles Johnson, for providing the photograph of Scalloped Spring erupting on page 27.
  • Dr. Glenn Plumb, Yellowstone Center for Resources, Yellowstone National Park, provided input for the curriculum ideas.
  • Thermal Biology Institute, Montana State University, for providing the 3rd image on page 14.
  • Dr. P. J. White, Yellowstone Center for Resources, Yellowstone National Park, for providing information on ungulate tooth decay in hydrothermal areas.
  • Dr. Fred Watson, California State University Monterey Bay for providing spatial images.
  • Wendi Newman, Research Manager, California State University Monterey Bay for providing spatial images.


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