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Gray Fischer
What’s happening? Why has an emergency meeting of Yellowstone Park Watch been called? Maya, I see you’re also here—please fill me in!

Maya Crowbes
I’m just as confused as you are, Gray; what is going on, Doc? Doc?

Sorry, my friends, I’ve been lost in thought. I called you because I received a strange message this morning. Go ahead and read it aloud.

“To Dr. Abraham Beadle, Chair, Yellowstone Park Watch: Help! The waters of Yellowstone National Park are in danger. I’ll be at your office at 10:00 a.m. to discuss the matter. P. S. I suspect foul play!” That’s all there is except the signature, which reads “V. DeRama.”

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Two images - A letter addressed to Yellowstone Park Watch from Ms. DeRama, and the contents of the message.
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Cast of characters - Maya Crowbes, Dr. A Beadle, Gray Fischer, Viola DeRama
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Q: The writer of the note is concerned about which natural resource?

GLOSSARY: Yellowstone Park Watch - a nonprofit group that supports the park.