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Ms. DeRama is talking about notes written during the 1870 Folsom-Cook-Peterson Expedition. They read, “Although we experienced no bad effects from passing through the ‘Valley of Death,’ yet we were not disposed to dispute the propriety of giving it that name. It seemed to be shunned by all animated nature. There were no fish in the river, no birds in the trees, no animals—not even a track—anywhere to be seen; although in one spring we saw the entire skeleton of a buffalo that had probably fallen in accidentally and been boiled down to soup.”

Viola, despite C.W. Cook’s report, I promise the Firehole River has plenty of life both in and around it. If you come with us, you might change your mind about quite a few things.

No, I must be off to talk to my lawyers about a lawsuit! Au revoir.

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Cast of characters - Maya Crowbes, Dr. A Beadle, Gray Fischer, Viola DeRama
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Q: How did members of the 1870 expedition describe the valley of the Firehole River?

GLOSSARY: au revoir—French for “good-bye”

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