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Yellowstone Exposed: Mysteries in the Living Laboratory

Premiering February 15-17, 2006

A changing kaleidoscope of active geological processes has attracted researchers to Yellowstone for over 100 years. Although early scientific expeditions used wooden boats and compasses, while modern researchers employ remote operated vehicles and GPS, both have focused on solving scientific mysteries in this vast living laboratory. Take a glimpse of the inside plumbing system of Old Faithful Geyser, examine the spires that sit deep in Yellowstone Lake, and learn how a process called tomography is being used to reconstruct geologic images of what lies beneath the surface of the ground. Animations, illustrations, and video footage reveal Yellowstone as you’ve never seen it before!

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    Resource experts will be available to answer questions February 15-17, 2006. Questions and answers will remain accessible after the message board has been deactivated.

    Trip Background
    Past and ongoing scientific research investigates the dynamic geological processes associated with one of the largest active volcanic systems on Earth.

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    Dee Anker of KYEL News sits behind a desk in the newsroom with a photo of the Yellowstone National Park sign to her left.
    Water from a hot spring glows gold in the fading daylight.
    National Science Foundation logo. Visit the NSF website. This material is based on work supported by the National Science Foundation under Grant No.0307709
    Yellowstone Park Foundation logo. Visit the Foundation's website. Funding for this trip was provided by generous grants to the Yellowstone Park Foundation.