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A window frames four photos of bison, a pronghorn, a geyser and a mudpot.

Explore our award winning electronic field trips! Since 2001, Yellowstone has been offering eTrips to share the resources and treasures of the world’s first national park. Embark on these exciting adventures and look through new Windows Into Wonderland.

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Getting Into Hot Water Getting Into Hot Water | START TRIP
The Firehole River makes waves as it flows through some of the most remarkable country on our planet. By the time the river has finished its run through three major geyser basins, nearly a quarter of its water comes from geysers and hot springs. Look into the water’s depths and learn how the river’s water chemistry and living creatures are affected by Yellowstone’s hot water taps! First aired: November 2006
Yellowstone Exposed Yellowstone Exposed | START TRIP
All is revealed in this exciting Yellowstone exposé! Once described as the greatest natural laboratory on the surface of the globe, Yellowstone National Park presents an endless supply of scientific puzzles. Discover how early researchers conducted geologic studies in the park and learn how new technology is providing fresh insights into the park’s volcanic and seismic forces. First aired: February 2006
Where the Bison Roam thumbnail Where the Bison Roam | START TRIP
Meet Rosie, a young bison alone in a Yellowstone winter, and learn how she is affected by the park’s thermal areas. How will these sites influence Rosie’s behavior or sway her migration choices? What advantages do they possess and what threats do they pose? Will these areas determine whether Rosie lives or dies? It’s a question of survival, Yellowstone style! First aired: October 2005
Pronghorn eTrip court scene Speed Goats in Court | START TRIP
Learn why one of the fastest animals in the world may not be able to outrun the danger of regional extinction. Join our dueling attorneys and investigate the “where,” “what,” “how,” and “why” of this compelling Yellowstone drama. First aired: September 2005
In a drawing for Geyserquest, a female park ranger stands in the foreground as a geyser erupts behing her. Geyser Quest | START TRIP
Investigate how the geysers of Yellowstone National Park are formed and explore how they may change. A blend of modern and historic photographs allows you to open a window through time to compare the present faces of the park’s hydrothermal treasures with their manifestations in the past. First aired: May 2005
Grady listens intently about the Wolves of Yellowstone The Wolves of Yellowstone: Legacy, Legend, and Recovery | START TRIP
In January of 1995, 14 wolves were brought to a new home, Yellowstone National Park. How are the wolves doing ten years later? Take a summer vacation with Grady and Aspen; listen as they recite wolf legends to their grandparents and hear Grandpa’s wolf talk. You will learn about the story of the gray wolf – from eradication to restoration in the park. First aired: March 2005
Anita Skoup looks for the latest news on Yellowstone hotspots On the Scene of the Yellowstone Hotspot | START TRIP
Newsflash! This just in: our sources report that there is a fast-breaking story in Yellowstone National Park. Geysers, earthquakes, and shifting shorelines in Yellowstone Lake have prompted ace reporters to investigate the real story behind the Yellowstone scenes. Join our team as they "scoop the news" on the Yellowstone hotspot! First aired: February 2005
Captain Macro wearing a blue naval hat. Hot Colors - Windows Into Hidden Worlds | START TRIP
A submarine capable of miniaturization has been pirated from the Yellowstone Ministry of Mysteries-and you are on the mission to retrieve it! Experience the hidden worlds of microorganisms as you trek through the park's "hot colors." First aired: September 2004
The Inspector Director wearing a black hat and monacle. To Eat or Be Eaten | START TRIP
Focus your "private eye" on Yellowstone and investigate a real "who done it"-the mystery of the missing elk! Spy on a special sleuthing team as it snoops for clues in the form of tracks, abandoned bones, and blood stains. Eavesdrop on discussions about predator/prey interactions and the latest tracking techniques. First aired: March 2004
Image of an orange alien that is part of the cast of the field trip. Zooming in on Hayden Valley | START TRIP
Zoom into an out-of-this world adventure! Stow away with Intergalactic Park Service Rangers as they explore Yellowstone’s Hayden Valley. Hazard a peek at the Yellowstone hot spot, venture into a volcanic caldera, study the soils, and learn about the life forms! First aired: November, 2003

Trumpeter Swan Yellowstone’s Trumpeter Swan | START TRIP
It’s a fairytale come true! Become a trumpeter swan and get a bird’s eye view of the perks and perils of Yellowstone National Park. Will you stay in the park year-round or migrate far away? Will you face predators, habitat loss, or another risk? It’s your choice in this exciting (and dangerous) adventure! First aired: October, 2003

A Wolf Howling Wolves of Yellowstone | START TRIP
Can you imagine being here in Yellowstone at dawn on a quiet morning? You've tramped through a new snowfall and now you wait upon a lonely ridge. And suddenly you hear it—a cry that echoes across the valley to tingle your spine. It is the howl of a wolf. First aired: March 2002. Last updated: April, 2003

A mother Grizzly bear and her cub. Bears of Yellowstone | START TRIP
Ready for a walk on the wild side? Take a look at the magnificent bears of Yellowstone—grizzly and black, habits and hazards, mayhem and management. This is one field trip that "bears" a closer look and may save not only a bear's life, but your own! First aired: April, 2002. Last updated: January 2003


Influences of Art on Yellowstone | START TRIP
Artists have played important roles in interpreting the Yellowstone region. Early written and oral reports of the marvelous Yellowstone features were often disbelieved. Find out how these great master-pieces influenced Yellowstone. First aired: May, 2002. Last updated: November 2002

Photo of a forest fire. Fire Ecology | START TRIP
Welcome aboard our virtual field trip to explore fire and the role it plays in the Yellowstone ecosystem. Many people think of fire as “bad”, especially when it threatens lives or property. But naturally occurring fires - those not started by humans - are neither “good” nor “bad”. They are a part of nature. First aired: November 2001. Last updated: September 2002

Historic photograph of Fort Yellowstone. Yellowstone History | START TRIP
Imagine this electronic field trip could serve as a magic window and you could see Yellowstone's past through the eyes of the people who lived it. Against a backdrop of breathtaking scenery, they walked the mountains, explored the forests, and worked to preserve this special place for the future. First aired: October 2001. Last updated: October 2002

Photo of a geyser erupting. Park Orientation | START TRIP
Over one hundred years ago, Yellowstone was described as "a great breathing place for the national lungs." Discover how the idea of a national park began and how it has grown to become an inspiration. First aired: October 2001