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Photos of trumpeter swans and ducks.
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Where the Bison Roam

Act 1,  Scene 3,  Page 16 of 47

I also take exception to Bill’s comment that Rosie was the only thing alive in Hayden Valley. He’s forgetting all about the birds! The migratory trumpeter swans had arrived in the park, and I, for one, wasn’t surprised to see them.

What do you mean by “arrived” in the park? Wouldn’t most birds be migrating away from a place that is known for its deep snowfall and frigid temperatures?

My dear Inspector, Yellowstone is a winter destination resort for certain birds because the hydrothermal areas keep sections of water from freezing throughout much of the winter. These ice-free areas are limited, so waterfowl are forced to compete for food and space. When ice starts to build up on the rivers and lakeshores, and open water becomes even harder to find, many waterfowl move to lower elevation wintering grounds outside of the park's boundaries.

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