Windows Into Wonderland
Two photos of winter in the park, and a bison traveling through snow.
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Where the Bison Roam

Act 1,  Scene 3,  Page 19 of 47

But you’ve told me that the snow was already deep.

Yes, snow depth influences how much forage is available, as well as how much energy a bison must use in order to survive. Snow depth also influences an animal’s health, how well it can move, and how well it can avoid predators. In the winter, bison rarely do anything that requires them to use more energy than is absolutely necessary.

Then I don’t see how Rosie could migrate!

Nevertheless, the next time we tracked her signal, we found that Rosie was following a common bison migration corridor across Yellowstone’s Central Plateau to the Firehole River.

Then she must have migrated using a road that had already been snowplowed! Am I right, Dr. Wallough?

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