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Where the Bison Roam

Act 1,  Scene 4,  Page 34 of 47

What do you mean you had no way to locate her? Why didn’t you call for reinforcements? The Yellowstone Ministry of Mysteries could have mounted a search and rescue team! I hope Rosie avoided further contact with thermal areas. I can’t imagine why any animal would want to stay in such dangerous places!

You’re forgetting all the advantages of these areas, Inspector. Remember, if it weren’t for thermal zones, Rosie would have had a difficult time migrating to the Firehole River.

As it was, she was able to munch green vegetation when the rest of the world was blanketed in white. She was also able to find warm ground on which to rest and conserve energy. The thermal areas of Yellowstone have provided important habitat for the park’s central bison herd since prehistoric times.

Are you sure of that?

prehistoric—Of, relating to, or belonging to the era before recorded history.

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