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Two photos of a bluebird a nd a magpie.
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Where the Bison Roam

Act 1,  Scene 4,  Page 36 of 47

What? How?

By sheer luck! Harry was observing the return of birds to the hydrothermal areas.

Yes, I always feel that spring is upon us when the mountain bluebirds return. There were so many of these birds in Biscuit Basin last week that I could hardly count them.

I was also amused to see a magpie riding on the back of a bison in order to feed on the insects in the bison’s coat. I was trying to get a better look, when I noticed that the bison was our Rosie. There was no mistaking that twisted left horn! I was quite glad to see her again, and I immediately notified the rest of the team.

We decided to attach a new radio collar on Rosie and asked Harry to keep her in his sight. Unfortunately, he was already late for a meeting and couldn’t remain. By the time I got there, late that afternoon, Rosie had vanished again.

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