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Three photos of wolf chasing a coyote, a lone wolf, and birds feeding on the remains of an elk.
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Where the Bison Roam

Act 1,  Scene 4,  Page 37 of 47

And that’s it? You just stopped looking? I insist you find her at once!

Fleur (in a small voice)
That’s just it, Inspector. We think we have already found her.


What Fleur means is that we think we’ve found what’s left of Rosie. We think our bison was killed yesterday by wolves.

No! How can you say that? I thought the Yellowstone wolves prey on elk!

Elk are their primary prey; but, in the central part of Yellowstone, wolves are killing an increasing number of bison.

Anyway, we found a bison carcass at the edge of Biscuit Basin, near an area unaffected by hydrothermal features and still covered by deep snow. Such places are often where predator-prey interactions take place, especially in the winter.

interaction—contact between two or more species

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