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Explore our award winning electronic field trips! Since 2001, Yellowstone has been offering eTrips to share the resources and treasures of the world’s first national park. Embark on these exciting adventures and look through new Windows Into Wonderland. If this is your first time visiting Yellowstone, read our Park Orientation.






Where the Bison Roam (START TRIP) Meet Rosie, a young bison alone in a Yellowstone winter, and learn how she is affected by the park’s thermal areas. How will these sites influence Rosie’s behavior or sway her migration choices? What advantages do they possess and what threats do they pose? Will these areas determine whether Rosie lives or dies? It’s a question of survival, Yellowstone style! First aired: October 2005


hotcolorsHot Colors  (START TRIP) A submarine capable of miniaturization has been pirated from the Yellowstone Ministry of Mysteries-and you are on the mission to retrieve it! Experience the hidden worlds of microorganisms as you trek through the park's "hot colors." First aired: September 2004


hotwaterGetting Into Hot Water (START TRIP)The Firehole River makes waves as it flows through some of the most remarkable country on our planet. By the time the river has finished its run through three major geyser basins, nearly a quarter of its water comes from geysers and hot springs. Look into the water’s depths and learn how the river’s water chemistry and living creatures are affected by Yellowstone’s hot water taps! First aired: November 2006





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