A small river meanders through a forest.
Yellowstone National Park Electronic Field Trip Production Staff
  • Sally Plumb, writer/producer
  • Craig Johnson, Flash/web designer
  • Jeff Arnold, research information, reviewer, photographer
  • Tom Cawley, audio/video editor
  • Ellen Petrick, editor
  • Bob Fuhrmann, editor
  • Sean Eagan, reviewer
  • Danielle Nicholas Fischer, reviewer
  • Cheryl Jaworowski, reviewer
  • Trudy Patton, ParKids staff
  • Jim Peaco, photographer
  • Christopher Plumb, videography team
  • Melanie Weeks, reviewer
Yellowstone ParKids Program (Aug. 7-10, 2006)
  • Alyssa Constoch
  • Cole Fairbaim
  • David Gaskill
  • Keaton Harmon
  • Susan Kelly, Montana State University, Thermal Biology Institute, Instructor
  • Brook Kinna
  • Laurie Kinna, Instructor
  • Christopher McHann
  • Melissa MCHann
  • Abby Peters
  • Grace Peters
  • Nicholas Peyton
  • Diana Peyton
  • Madisen Whirley
  • Marshal Slater
  • Paige Slater
  • Taylor Wynn
Photography and Graphics Credits
  • Jeff Arnold, Yellowstone National Park, images on screens 8, 10, 11, 37, 38, 44.
  • Dr. Dan Gustafson, Montana State University, images on screens 39, 40, 41
  • Johann Lall, GIS images on Activity “A River Runs through It” on screen 25
Video Clips
  • Jeff Arnold, Yellowstone National Park, clips on macroinvertebrate sampling
Graphic Art /Animation
  • Craig Johnson
  • Earthtalk Studios, Inc. - EPT illustrations; animation, page 33
  • Third Eye - character illustrations*
Audio Recording
  • Peak Recording and Sound Studios: Deb Stober, casting director and assistant producer; Gil Stober, engineer and producer
Cast of Characters (in order of appearance)
  • Grayling Fischer - W.R. Lewis
  • Maya Crowbes - Angela Funk
  • Dr. Abraham Beadle - Michael Sexson
  • Viola DeRama - Dee Dee Van Zyl
  • Dr. Calvin Farnheid - Sean Austin
Special Thanks
  • Jeff Arnold, Yellowstone National Park, for providing research data
  • Lynn Kaeding, Montana Fish and Wildlife, for supplying research information
  • Leslie Quinn, Xanterra, for script review and consultation
  • Dr. Dan Gustafson, Montana State University, for photographs
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