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The Lower Geyser Basin is another such detail. Hot springs line both sides of the river and the Firehole receives thermal runoff from such features as Ojo Caliente, Great Fountain Geyser, and the River Group.

Also, many tributaries of the Firehole are also thermally influenced and contribute additional hot water or chemical changes. By the time the river has finished its run through the Upper, Midway, and Lower Geyser Basins, approximately a quarter of its water comes from geysers and hot springs—and there’s nothing minor about that!

The famous trapper, Jim Bridger, thought the Firehole River was warm because the water flowed so rapidly across its bed that it was heated by friction. Now we know the real reason!

The Lower Geyser Basin marks the end of the thermal areas. After this point, the river starts to cool though it never regains its original temperature.

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Q: How much water in the Firehole River comes from geysers and hot springs?