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Although EPT species are important, the Yellowstone Ministry of Mysteries is especially interested in the New Zealand mud snail, another macroinvertebrate that prefers thermally influenced waters.

New Zealand mud snails aren’t even native Yellowstone creatures! The fact that they’re here at all indicates foul play!

No one knows how these animals came to Yellowstone, but we call them an invasive species because they’ve invaded this part of the world. New Zealand mud snails were first found here in 1994. Now they are in many of the park’s streams—including the Firehole River. The mud snails are about one eighth of an inch or 2-4 mm long and live in dense groups on aquatic vegetation and rocks in stream beds.

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Q: What are New Zealand mud snails called in Yellowstone?

GLOSSARY: invasive species—a non-native organism that has intruded into an area and may have serious detrimental effects on native organisms